Photo Drop I

I Love to play with colour pallettes, strong contrasting geometry and a mix of man made and natural subjects in my photographs I particularly love imposing concrete structures. These are a few shots my recent trip to Hunstanton.

This very kitsch trailer looking out over the beach and on towards the sea. I pulled the pallette around in post to set the entire image around the colours of the van. Even the festoon lighting follows the exact same lines as the van. I’m very happy with this picture.
Trying to capture the grungey violent textures of this sea wall with the blissful sand and sky in contrast. I love the fairground on the horizen being dwarfed by the concrete, it’s almost reminiscent of a wave.
This shelter was an absolutely perfect find, very brutalist and functional, completely of a previous time (probably the sixties) and wonderfully symetrical. I love the contrast to the much more classical building behind it and well maintained plants and trees.
Some pretty, albeit a little tired old chalets
A stairway that must be underwater for a good chunk of the year. I love the contrast of the freshly painted railings against the heavily weathered steps and sea wall.